Are You Ready to Grow Your Business?

Getting help in your business in order to grow is something that all entrepreneurs need to do at some point.  Why?  Because you just can’t do it all on your own and still be able to reach all your goals.  You will burn out.  Your business will not be fun.  You may even want to quit.

As a virtual assistant and a copywriter I have seen this happen time and again over the years. Don’t worry, you are not alone.  Most of my clients have wasted a lot of precious time trying to do it all on their own and by the time they come to me they are overwhelmed and burnt out.  I support them to get their spark back, love their business again and I take on the tasks that they shouldn’t be doing or don’t want to so they can work in their unique brilliance.

I love to create and I love to grow.  I work with my clients long term to help them reach their goals and even to help them create new ones to accomplish. I strategize with them and implement the steps needed also. I love helping people and seeing the weight lift off them once they realize they have someone in their corner on this journey.

Most likely you have come across my page because you heard about me, looked me up or were referred to me.  I am an open book…so if you have any questions that you don’t find the answers to on the site Services or FAQ’s pages please don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

If you would like to chat with me about what you are looking to accomplish in your business and if I may be able to help you, please set up a 30 minute call with me at

I look forward to connecting with you soon!

I have used Erin’s copywriting services for over 7 years.  She helps me stay connected to my current client base as well as market my business.  Along with being a gifted writer, she has strong managerial skills and outstanding customer service.  She is also a wealth of knowledge which gives her the skills and tools she needs to tackle any topic I send her way.  I also appreciate her willingness to share insights and process improvements. It is a joy working with her!  You will be blessed!

Evelyn Kaufman

GPS Coach

I have been working with Erin for several months now.  I wanted to start a new career and had no idea how.  I hired her as my business coach not only to help me get started, but to guide me as to what I could do in my new adventure. She is knowledgeable and extremely flexible.  I could reach out to her whenever I needed her assistance and she was always there.  Her sense of humor and her expertise has made my journey a much easier one. I will continue to work with her because I just can’t go on without her! I can’t recommend her enough.  You won’t regret the investment!

Pam Avalone

Erin is amazing.  She has the ability to juggle multiple tasks at once, handle multiple personalities and still stay calm and focused.

I have worked alongside Erin with some of the most difficult and demanding clients, yet she still handled those environments with professionalism and grace. She has the ability to take on multiple tasks, challenging tasks and is open to learning and new ideas.

I have been so impressed with her, that I even hired her myself and I am happy to call her a friend who I can rely on personally and with my business.

If you’re looking for someone to help you get organized, help keep you focused, chase you up and do the work, Erin is the person. The best thing is she will do it with integrity and you can rely on her completely.

Kenneth Todd