Can you relate to any of these?  



*Fatigue for no apparent reason  

*Extra weight you just can’t seem to lose  

*Mood Swings  

*Joint Pain  


*Digestive Issues  


*Mental/Emotional Problems

Are you ready to double your energy and get healthy without making major changes that will disrupt your whole life?  Are you ready for a new lifestyle that you can ease into and feel comfortable with?  Are you ready for big results that will make you love yourself and your life again?

Mind, Body, Spirit Wellness is about living your best life.  Being at peace in your mind.  Being confident in your body and abilities. Feeling connected to a higher power and letting your spirit shine through.

When I coach, I dig into the why behind the why.  What does that mean?  Well it is the REAL reason you want to make healthy lifestyle changes.  The real reason YOU want to make the changes.  Not for some external reason that you will initially most likely come up with;)

Whether you are struggling with creating new habits in your life, or something is holding you back (fear of rejection, fear of success, fear of failure…yes, usually what is holding us back has something to do with fear) we work through it and get to the heart of the problem so you can get past it.

I block out 60 minutes for our sessions together and we really dig deep.  When we work together I will push you to be the best you can be, to dig deep and really get to the heart of the matter.  I will ask you to look at things that you may not want to look at but that you need to in order to move forward.  

I require authenticity on BOTH sides.  I want you to tell me if there is ever anything that is concerning you and I will do the same with you.  Honesty and communication are both very important values to me.

Each time we talk we will go over what you accomplished and celebrate as well as look at what you didn’t accomplish and we can discuss why that is and if it is really something you want to do.  

I have been told often that clients leave their session with a new outlook and motivation.  

If you are ready for your FREE 60 minute Double Your Energy Breakthrough Session, please go ahead and email me for a time at  I look forward to connecting!