I have loved writing since I was a child.  I would write stories, poetry, song lyrics…and then I got older and fell in love with copywriting.

I studied with some of the best in the industry and still do continually study and improve on my skills. I enjoy the whole process of figuring out the best way to market a client’s work to more people and even the tweaks and changes we make along the way until we strike gold;)

I am an expert in seeing what is missing to be able to connect with your audience and getting that into your copy so that people relate to you and what your are offering and know they need to take the next step you are directing them to, whether that is getting on a call with you or purchasing something you are offering.

I keep up to date on what is working and I write daily whether just for myself or for clients.

Some of the areas I cover in copywriting include:

Web Copy
Optins and follow up messages
Sales Scripts
Video Scripts
Direct Response
Sales Letters
Welcome letters

The industry professionals I write for often include: 

Health and Wellness Professionals
Network Marketers

The way it works:

Step One: Reach out and let me know you are interested and give me as much info as possible on what you are looking for and what you want to accomplish.

Step Two: We set up a time to chat by phone or video chat so that I can get to know you and your voice so I know how to best write for you.

Step Three: I will send you a proposal after we talk if we decide we would be a good fit to work together, outlining cost of each project we discussed so you  can put your tasks in order of priority and we can get a schedule setup for each.